Scenic northern California coast? Check! A collection of well-known editors, authors and agents? Check! An entire weekend devoted to intense discussions of your writing and children's writing in general? Time to concentrate on writing without being distracted by all the everyday demands of home? Check and check!

Two separate chances to attend the Big Sur Children's Writing Workshops, one in December (December 3-5, 2010) and one in March (March 4-6, 2011).

I've heard good things about these workshops and the resulting successes, but haven't had a chance (or the funds) to sign up yet. They take place near where my husband grew up in Salinas, so we actually have the option to visit family in the area and get the "commuter rate." But that only knocks off $120 from the registration, alas.


Unknown said...

Aw man, I'd love to go! Can't afford to, of course. Have fun, though, and tell me what you got out of it!

Unknown said...

(If you go, obviously!)

(...Also...the word verification for this comment is "manbrid". Manbird? Hybrid? Very Freudian.)

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