Crow's Rest on USA Today!

Robin Covington, a romance author who spotlights romances for the Happily Ever After blog on USA Today, featured the Crow's Rest Trailer yesterday! She had some great things to say about my trailer, which gave me all sorts of warm fuzzies for my homemade little teaser film.

Robin said, "The trailer for Crow's Rest by Angelica R. Jackson is creepy ... in a good way. The soundtrack with the lone whistler had me wanting to look over my shoulder, and the muted, dark imagery hammer home the vibe. The script is well done — just giving me enough information to get me intrigued and then hooked and then taken aback by the little twist of humor at the end. I liked it!"

So great to wake up to that on Friday! And lest you think I have some secret "in" that got the trailer up on USA Today, you should know it was as simple as sending Robin an email and bringing it to her attention. I honestly wasn't sure if the trailer had enough romantic elements for her to pick it--there's certainly a romantic thread running through Crow's Rest, but for the trailer I had to balance getting across the suspense as well as the romance. Sounds like I succeeded!

Here's the trailer again

Crow's Rest Book Trailer Reveal!

Today, the book trailer for Crow's Rest goes live!

Also today, on Operation Awesome, I give a closer look at the images that make up the trailer, so please go check it out! You can find pre-order and Goodreads info on Crow's Rest here.

For this blog post, I thought it would be interesting to share an earlier version of an attempt at making a video trailer. I had some great raw footage of the Castle and its interior, and even some models for the characters--but felt like I was missing a few other scenes. Without buying some stock video footage (which gets expensive!), I felt like this was too disjointed and abandoned it in favor of using still images and PowerPoint. You can see that the script changed a little, too (this one has no sound)

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I participated in a panel of fantasy authors over the weekend, and you may want to check out some resources on the urban fantasy genre that I posted on Operation Awesome today.

Also, if you weren't able to come see the panel in person, I've uploaded a video of it. We had some issues with our backup battery failing, so we didn't quite film the entire thing, but there are some gems in it! This video unfortunately lost some video resolution, so I'll post a highlights reel later. (Update: the highlights reel has been added below the full video)

Since it may be hard to recognize us on sight, the panel is (L to R): Moderator Jen Garrett, Author Christina Mercer, Author Angelica R. Jackson, Author Jessica Taylor, Author Heather Marie.

And if you can't quite commit to that 1-hour-plus video, here's the highlights reel