Newspaper Writeup for Capturing The Castle

My local newspaper, The Mountain Democrat, interviewed me and featured Capturing The Castle on May 26th:

"In “Capturing the Castle” Jackson’s color and black and white photographs show both Preston’s unique architecture and the types of living arrangements used for staff and wards. Ornately carved corbels and archways vie with the Spartan utility of the basement baths; ivy crawls up walls studded with hundreds of windows."--The Mountain Democrat

You can read the entire article online here and the writeup came out in time for several people to also come to my signing at Preston Castle on the 27th.

I had a great time talking to everyone about Preston Castle and my book! Plus, 30% of the proceeds from that day went directly to the Preston Castle Foundation, and they'll be carrying it in the gift shop starting next week.

Now, on to finishing the editing for the Faerie Crossed novels so they can also hit the bookshelves!

Goodreads Giveaway for Capturing The Castle

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Capturing The Castle by Angelica R. Jackson

Capturing The Castle

by Angelica R. Jackson

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To celebrate the upcoming signing at Preston Castle, I'm giving away two copies of Capturing The Castle on Goodreads! Giveaway ends the 27th

Capturing The Castle Release Plus Event

That's my sell sheet above, but I thought it would make a great announcement on here for the release of Capturing The Castle: Images of Preston Castle (2006-2016), my latest book. It's now available through Amazon,, and independent booksellers. You can also get a signed copy directly from me by clicking the Buy Now button on this page.

Readers of Crow's Rest, my YA UF, may recognize Preston Castle as the inspiration for the book's Warren Castle. If you'd like to see it for yourself, I'll be doing a signing at the Castle on May 27th, from 10-1. 30% of all sales that day will go the the Preston Castle Foundation, and they'll be open for tours, so it's a great way to explore Preston Castle and leave with a signed keepsake. Hope to see you there!