Geek Delight

For my husband's birthday, I ordered a custom cake of Bag End, Bilbo Baggins's house in the Hobbit and other Lord of the Rings books. It ended up looking pretty cute, but I wanted to add a little more geekitude, so I went online and found some LOTR paper dolls.

Printed out Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins (you can tell which one is Frodo by his determined expression and the tiny ring on a chain around his neck), along with Gandalf. While I was cutting out Tom Bombadil, I kept thinking that it looked like someone, and then I realized he kind of looks like Tom Green with a crazy beard.

Anyway, here's how they look with the cake:

Tom Bombadil is one of my favorite characters from the book, but in that first photo he looks like some kind of lurking hobbitophile. Not really what I was going for, but good for a laugh nonetheless!

Also wanted to note that I'll be taking a break from blogging and other interwebz fun starting August 3rd. I'll set a few posts to go up automatically on the next two Mondays (look for another gluten free recipe, No-fuss Chocolate Cake, on Aug 15), but otherwise I'll reconnect about mid-August.


Anonymous said...

Great cake, great paper dolls, great post! :)

Tom Bombabadil, the lurking hobbitophile... *dies laughing*

Angelica R. Jackson said...

I was wondering when you were going to stop by, Alison! Tom Bombadil was waiting for you (yes, he's an equal-opportunity creepy paper doll)

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