So I'm on facebook, I have this blog, I have my art website, but I'm dragging my feet on joining Twitter. I've found the Twitter pages where I can stalk some agents, but I haven't set up my own account yet. Mainly for the time constraints--as you can tell, my two-three-times weekly blog posts fell to occasionally-weekly when I was wrassling my rewrites.

Twitter seems like it would be fun, but time-consuming as well. And apparently there are politics to worry about, too. It just hasn't gotten to a tipping point yet where I think it's worth it.

And then, a local mall got hit with a flash mob. I actually know a person in one of the choirs, and she was telling people for weeks ahead of time about the secret upcoming spontaneous event. Of course as a writer, I had to argue the semantics of calling a planned event of this magnitude a spontaneous event, but the official designation was "Random Act of Musical Kindness."

I also questioned how it could be a secret if she's telling everyone. She said, "I have to tell my friends, and the more the merrier." Well apparently the organizers did not allow for the Twitter factor: a secret told to one friend, or even an overheard conversation, can spread like a fire (okay, that was a bad analogy, considering the mall was hit by a fire last month) with the power of Twitter.

And like the old shampoo commercial, where friends tell friends ad infinitum, the crowd of participants and performers swelled to 5,000--when they had only planned for 500. That's some pretty powerful tweeting, even if it did turn out pretty scary for all the people that got caught up in the crowd and had to be evacuated.


Unknown said...

I wouldn't worry so much about the politics. Especially if you rarely use it--it's something that should be fun and convenient; not a chore. I think you'll be just fine. :)

Also, that's AWESOME about the flash mob/power of Twitter!

Tracey Neithercott said...

I love Twitter. I use it for my health blog and aside from spreading the word, the best part is the community. I've definitely made friends with people on Twitter. I'm not starting to tweet as a writer because I think the support and community aspect are great.

Thanks for vising my blog, by the way. It's always lonely starting a blog so I appreciate the visit!

Angelica R. Jackson said...

All right, I set up an account on Twitter with the name angelicarjaxon--now what do I do with it?

Jennifer Hillier said...

Twitter can be crazy! In mostly good ways, I think. The most important thing is to have fun.

Angie said...

I have not joined facebook or twitter. I feel like I wouldn't have the time, although that kind of advertisement could come in handy. I'll need to think about it.

Unknown said...

Now...tweet pithy things. (That seems to be the trend, anyway.)

Have you downloaded TweetDeck? It's a much easier interface to use than the actual Twitter website. Also, I'd set it up on TweetDeck so that you're able to see the #askagent hashtag. There are a few other good ones, too--#kidlitchat, #amwriting, #amrevising. Several more--but because I don't use Twitter a whole lot, I'm sort of out of the loop.

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