A week ago, Blogger friend Kate Hart did a post on Dream Writing Spaces, with pictures of fantastic little buildings in inspiring settings. It got me thinking of what my dream writing space would be, but I had to admit that I am spoiled to already have 2--no, 3--places that I love to write in.

I should say that I don't have kids and my husband works full time, so that means I have the house all to myself for long stretches. And the kinds of distractions that people often complain about when working at home are a bonus for me; I have a bad back, so getting up to hang laundry, check on dinner, and feed the cats (okay, that last one happens way too frequently throughout the day) is better for me than parking in front of the computer for hours straight.

Now, on to the photographs!

This first room is where I write when I don't need the computer: writing longhand, editing hardcopies, or just staring dreamily at the fire (there's a fireplace out of frame) or out the window while I compose in my head. I also do research here since this is where most of the nonfiction books are. BTW, that's just nonfiction--there are 4 bookcases of fiction in the dining room, 1 bookcase with YA/MG titles, and 1 more with cookbooks and miscellaneous stuff. Yes, we are recovering bookstore employees, why do you ask?

My office is a converted bedroom, and it is cozy enough that I can sit in the chair and touch my drafting table and the computer desk at the same time. I could have described it as small rather than cozy, but I really do like having everything within reach. I can do artwork on the drafting table, roll over to the computer and check email, and the copy machine and fax are ready and waiting for when I need them.

There are also fewer distractions in this room and, most importantly, a door that will close. I take advantage of this when the cats get too demanding (they would say it's not possible for a cat to be too demanding--the humans should be grateful for the attention bestowed upon them) or when my husband is home and has the TV on or something.

And the third writing space, I don't have a picture of, but it's a patio just to the right of this herb bed. When the weather's nice, I can turn on the fountain, and sit out at the table. I must admit that I don't get quite as much writing done out there, it's just too tempting to enjoy the birds and sunshine. But the ambiance does lend itself to writing poetry, so I tend to go out there when I'm feeling poetic.


Michelle said...

Both spaces are BEAUTIFUL. I love how you have so much light in both of them. I kill my eyes all the time by not writing in a well-lit space.

Ava Z. said...

Your writing spaces are beautiful! I agree with the comment about lighting. My writing spaces are dark, mostly because that's just the way the house is.

My dream space would be open and bright, next to a big window with lots of bookshelves and books.

Nancy Herman said...

I'm coming over to your house to write.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Michelle and Tracy--yes, the natural light and big windows are what attracted us to this house. Too bad we didn't look closer at the actual windows when we bought the house, though--in the first bad rainstorm, we had water coming in around the frames. These windows are the ones we put in!

Nancy--your house is no dank pit, I've seen it! Or is it the no-husband part that sounds attractive? Gotta love 'em, but a "quick question" pulls you right out of your writing.

Unknown said...

Wow, they're all so pretty! I have to show my fiance the first picture, especially--he's a huge book nerd like me, and we both have dreams of a library-esque study with tons of nice bookshelves. :)

I usually write at my squatty little desk or at the dining room table (I like to spread out, particularly when I revise).

Wherever I am, though, can't usually write without my MacBook Pro. I'm physically and psychologically dependent. It's bad.

Kate Hart said...

Very much coveting all your shelves!

Angelica R. Jackson said...

We did get some nice bookcases for the family room, and left room for one more. As it is, we do have some books that are piled up and not shelved properly. Yes, they're alphabetical. Bookstore habits are hard to break. I even fix shelves in bookstores when I shop there.

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