And they're off!

I sent out my queries for Spirits from the Vasty Deep today; everybody cross their fingers for me!

Here's the "meat" of the query I sent out:

As a child, Olivia Herald encounters a malevolent spirit that is beyond any that she has perceived before—one that is so strong it can take physical form and harm the living. After that traumatic experience, she turns her back on her powers to communicate with the dead, fearing any contact with the spirits will expose her to further peril.

Years later, Olivia inadvertently creates an entire ship's worth of sinister spirits by causing the destruction of the Empyreal and its crew. The men are not entirely blameless; after all, they raped and murdered her companions, and intended to do the same to Olivia. An escape attempt is her only option, and she couldn't foresee that the fire she starts as a diversion will doom the Empyreal and its crew.

But now the ghostly crew wants retribution, and so do the authorities. While the prospect of a death sentence hangs over her, Olivia must rekindle her abilities to speak with the dead for the final reckoning with the vengeful Empyreal's crew.


Unknown said...

Good luck! I just sent a few out yesterday, so here's to representation! :)

Melanie said...

Wow! What a vast improvement from your first posted draft in QLH. It reads so well and I wish you the very very best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted!!

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Thanks for the encouragement! And Mel, this is the one I had the epiphany in the bathtub about, and took it in a completely different direction than the first draft.

It pays to give yourself those quiet moments and let intuition speak.

Angie said...

Wishing you the best of luck!!!!!!

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