Oops, A Little Late For My Post

Today has not gone as planned! When I realized last night I didn't have a post scheduled for today, I thought "I can do it after I get home from class."

I failed to account for the construction workers picking today to saw the concrete pavers. I stuck it out in my office for long enough to tackle some emails and vital Facebooking, and then fled onto the other side of the house. Where I took advantage of the .99 book-birthday sale for Rachel Harris's My Not So Super Sweet Life and plowed through about half of it.

I did manage to get in a a full workday last Thursday (in spite of more sawing and sledgehammering), and got the bulk of my 1st pass edits done. Can't believe we're already at that milestone in Crow's Rest edits! Though I think since my release date is only 13 months away we're technically behind schedule, lol.

I ended up finishing them over the weekend, only to run into email snafus when I tried to send them back to my editor. So frustrating! But I've discovered (or is that re-discovered?) that nothing makes you feel like a Real Writer than that determination to work in spite of annoyances.

On that note, I need to focus on more bookly things so for May 5th and May 19th I'll be scheduling some Old Favorite blog posts, aka reruns. I'll still be sharing some new content on Operation Awesome over the next month, but look for a new, refreshed muse in June, when I'm not feeling so squeezed!


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