If you followed the link from Monday (it says Sunday, but it should be 4/4), you saw that I announced I've joined the Spencer Hill Press family with my book Crow's Rest! I joined Publisher's Marketplace to do some other research, and was able to find the announcement:

"Children's: Young Adult

Angelica Jackson's CROW'S REST, in which a girl is determined to reclaim her almost-boyfriend from the Fae with the help of the creature who stole his body in the first place, to Owen Dean at Spencer Hill Press, in a nice deal, for publication in May 2015 (World).
Rights: Rebecca Mancini of Rights Mix"

Squee! Now it seems really real! I know that sounds shamefully incoherent for a writer, but we've got to have those moments too, right?


Kris Atkins said...

YAY!!!!! CONGRATS TIME A MILLION BAJILLION! (Ahem. Let me join you in sounding shamefully incoherent.) That blurb is so good and I can't WAIT to read CROW'S REST!!

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Thanks for the congrats, Kris, and your support along the way! :)

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