Gemini Magazine Short Story Contest

For the price of a latte, you could get your writing some recognition. Gemini Magazine's Short Story Contest closes March 31, and the entry fee is only $4. Here are the details from their website:

"GRAND PRIZE: $1,000
2nd PLACE: $100

All Five Finalists Will Be Published in
The June 2012 Issue of Gemini

No restrictions on content, style, genre or length. Flashes,
novel excerpts, experimental, mainstream, literary, noir,
romance—all types of short fiction are welcome. Simply send
your best unpublished work by email or snail mail.

We publish both new and established writers."

Some people won't enter contests that have an entry fee, but I feel like $4 for a chance at $1,000 and a publishing credit is a pretty good deal! The WOW! Women on Writing Spring 2010 Flash Fiction Contest entry fee paid off for me when my story "Ebb Tide" took 3rd place. Good luck to those who enter!


Kimberlee Turley said...

I'm terrible with short stories. I get so excited when I see these contests, but I seriously don't have the ability to write anything with a half decent plot in less than 50,000 words.

But then again, it says no restrictions on length...

Angelica R. Jackson said...

I know, Kimberlee--I wondered if they were opening a can of worms by not giving length guidelines at all. I mean, if you submitted an entire book and left off the last few words, that's technically an excerpt right? ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads up!! :D
I'll spread the word.

Angie said...

AW, this sounds like such a good deal -- wish I knew how to write short stories. :)

Kate Coursey said...

Sounds like an awesome deal. I wish I could write short stories...I've tried, but I have such a hard time being so concise! Are you going to enter?

Angelica R. Jackson said...

I was thinking about entering, Kate, but I think I've spent too much time thinking and now the deadline is rapidly approaching! So I won't have anything ready; my outline and writing Crow's Rest have been taking up my writing time.

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