RTW: Where Do You Get Your Fix?

Road Trip Wednesday is a "Blog Carnival," where YA Highway's contributors and followers post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on their blogs. You can hop from destination to destination through the YA Highway site and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

This week's topic: Where do you buy most of your books? No one is judging! (hey, YAH, is this a secret book marketing poll?)

I've found all sorts of places to support my book habit, which started back when my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I worked in a glorious huge independent bookstore. Now our bookshelves line just about every available wall.

We give books as Christmas and birthday gifts, so our favorite fix is the book sales put on by the Sacramento Friends of the Library and the Sac SPCA. I have a dresser drawer that is constantly filled with books for all ages, and whenever an occasion comes up I just burrow into the pile and select some favorites. Many of the books have library markings, but I've also picked up wonderful gift books that don't look like they were even cracked open.

We also have a marvelous book-warren called The Bookery in Placerville, and they are total enablers since we can bring in books to trade for more books. How great is that?

Since our local Borders closed, there aren't any new book shops (though Bookery can order things) within a doable radius. So I admittedly have been buying mostly through our Amazon Prime account, with some supplementary orders from B&N. And, I've been buying a lot more e-books and getting both print and e-books from the library. Anything to make sure this bibliophile gets her fix!

What about you? Have any great book-buying opportunities where you are? Don't forget to go to the comments on the YA Highway RTW post to see everyone else's answers!


Colin Smith said...

I've contemplated an Amazon Prime account. We did the trial for a month and found we made use of it (both for watching TV shows/movies, and for the free shipping). I know some people would consider joining Amazon Prime akin to selling one's soul to Satan... but I don't see it that way. There is a place for the local brick-and-mortar, and for the Amazon online retailer. They just need to figure out their respective places in the world.

Crystal said...

Stockpiling gift books is a great idea! Why didn't I think of that? I'm sure my husband will love you for this post, as we will now be starting our own stockpile. ;)

Jaime Morrow said...

My husband and I like to line our walls with bookshelves too. They're ever so much prettier than pictures!

Anonymous said...

I also have a prime account on amazon (well I am currently in the "trial" month) and hubby is pushing me to get a kindle. He´s afraid our apartment will become full of books :-) (not as much of a reader as I am...)

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Colin--our Prime membership has been worth it, especially since I do so much research from home (our local library is kind of pathetic). I can find a title quickly and get it sent out right away.

Crystal--you definitely have to designate a spot to hoard the gift books; this year they overflowed the drawer before Christmas and stretched into the hallway.

Jaime--being a photographer, I'm partial to pictures as well as bookshelves. I find little interesting frames and they share space with the books on the shelves.

Commutinggirl--I love my Kindle and tablet for e-reading, but I'll always want certain books in physical form. And I'm glad I married a like-minded guy; he really can't say much about my bookbuying since he does it too.

Katy Upperman said...

Ooh, The Bookery sounds very cool. And yeah... definitely like an enabler, too. :)

Alison Miller said...

I've been hearing lots of good things about Amazon Prime lately. May need to check into that!

Happy Holidays!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I get books from all over. I do reviews for the blog and Romantic Times Magazine...so I get stuff from that. I get books for gifts as well. I love going to my local library or any bookstores in my area and buy things when I have the money. I have books galore!!


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