Christmas Bird Count!

Yes, I know today's the day after Christmas, but it's the day selected for the Folsom Christmas Bird Count so that's when we got out to take a tally of the bird species in our area. It starts very early in the morning, but I do not, so I'm going to join my husband a little later in the day.

He's much better at bird identification than I am, but I must admit I'm an excellent spotter. That should give you some clues about our personalities: he will take the time to stay in one spot and confidently identify a single bird. I spot a bird, and then I'm trotting off, "oh, there's another one! and look over here--skunk poop!"

So whatever your plans are for today, have a good one! And may they not involve too much skunk poop.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh no, skunk poop isn't good. I think I'd be like you though. Distracted by everything!!


Angelica R. Jackson said...

It actually works out well, because he's looking at the sky for birds, and I also look at plants, insects, tracks, and scat. So we don't miss much on our walks.

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