Road Trip Wednesday--Unmentionables

YA Highway and friends are at it again for Road Trip Wednesday.

Road Trip Wednesday is a "Blog Carnival," where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

This week's topic comes from a prompt at SCBWI:
What does your character hide in their underwear drawer - or other secret location?

Isabelle from my YA historical/paranormal novel, Those Lost at Sea and Drowned, moves around a lot (the U.S. to Spain, to Jamaica, to Antigua, to Rhode Island, to the spirit world) so she doesn't have anything as permanent as a drawer for her linens.

She always manages to keep a book with her, though, and among its pages you will find a hair from the tail of a white stallion and a scrap of black lace from a fine Spanish mantilla


Amanda Hannah said...

That's certainly intriguing! Thanks for playing RTW with us!

Kaitlin Ward said...

ooh I'm definitely intrigued!

Kate Hart said...

The lace is what gets me. Interesting!

Michelle Schusterman said...

What a pretty image!

Jess said...

I'm a bit biased towards horses, so I'm really curious about this horse hair!

Kara said...

Love this prompt :)

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