Clearing the Decks

I won't be posting Teaser Tuesdays very regularly, since I'm clearing the decks to start on my next novel. I will probably be squeezing some new short fiction and poetry in there, too, but I don't want to tease with those since I submit those to publications. I'll still be posting contests, prompts, and participating in things like Road Trip Wednesday (hopefully).

I'll be finishing up some new Preston Castle photos in the next few days, also, and I'll post a link when I've uploaded them. To follow up on my earlier ghostly post about the castle, in the pix I took in the alcove, there is an amorphous shadow that moves around in the 3 shots I took.

I also took one shot up the stairs from the kitchen to the dining room that has all kinds of light streamers in it. The same area, I took some more shots a few minutes later and they're all fine.


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