My mom cracks me up sometimes, but usually not intentionally. She could give Yogi Berra a run for his money on mixed-up aphorisms, but she's funniest when she is being absolutely serious.

My favorite example is from some years ago; somehow Mama Cass came up in the conversation, and my mom said:

"You know, Mama Cass posed for Playboy."
"This was before she was dead."

Last night, we were talking about an upcoming camping trip, and she said she'd bought a port-a-potty for their tent so she wouldn't have to stumble to the camp bathrooms in the dark.

Me: You bought a potty? That's really roughing it!

Mom: The only problem is that it has a maximum capacity of 200 pounds.

Me (after pressing the mute button so she couldn't hear my laughing fit): And you think that's not enough?

Mom: Well, my husband weighs more than 200 pounds so I guess he can't sit on it.

I guess he'll have to hover-poo. And I'll just leave you with that potty humor.


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