Family Connections

We just got back from the Salinas, California area, and came home to a scorcher here in the foothills. We went out to visit Grandma Jackson, who will be celebrating her 90th birthday next week.

She still gets around well enough to cook for herself and clean up a bit, but the amazing thing is how sharp her mind is. My mother's mother got dementia so I haven't really experienced this phenomenon (and my dad's mother was in Salt Lake City, so we didn't see her very often in her later years) firsthand.

We dragged out the photo albums and Grandma Jackson was a little fuzzy on dates, but for the most part was able to identify who was in each photo and where it was taken. All sorts of images from early twentieth-century Salinas and their hometown of Moss Landing. We came up with a whole box of yellowing photos for me to scan and restore, and make copies for other family members. Maybe I'll come to look at it as a nice break from revisions?

My husband is just getting into genealogy (blame the Who Do You Think You Are? show) so we took her to all the cemeteries to track down burial sites and put flowers on the graves. He got right on the computer when we got home, and now his family tree on connects with a bunch of other family trees. I bet those people are going to be excited once we upload images!


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