Inspirational Silliness Explained

Thought this would be a good time to explain the Inspirational Silliness on the sidebar. First, it should be said that some of the content on both the sites is for mature audiences.

The reason why I read them on a near-daily basis is that they are so stimulating to the writing part of my brain. How could you fail to be inspired by such gems as these from Sleeptalkin' Man (I picked some cleaner ones):

Stop the cows! They're licking everything!

Ninjas in stilettos. Fashion assassins! Not so stealthy, but oh so stylish.

Oh, I could be rummaging around in here for ages, I'm never going to find some zebra ears!

And then with Cake Wrecks, some of the cakes are done well but not well thought out. I love to imagine the thought processes of the person that ordered the cakes (0r made them, for that matter). And what kind of conversations would you overhear at a wedding where the bride demands a day-glo Beanie Baby cake like this one ?

Try a writing exercise with the Beanie Baby cake--what does the groom really think of that cake? And what words did the bride use when she was trying to describe her vision to the baker? Was the result exactly what she wanted?


Angelica R. Jackson said...

The Inspirational Silliness in the sidebar was taken down during the redesign

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