All the good blog titles are taken!

If you tuned in to this blog on day one, you may recall that it was unimaginatively christened "Angelica R. Jackson's Writing News." Heckler that I am, it was too obvious of a leap to "Angelica R. Jackson's Writing Snooze." So I spent the last few days trying to think of a new title. Here are some I rejected:

Variations on word play with "Write" instead of "Right" (Write Now, Write Away, etc.)
Most of these had several existing blogs under that title

Get Thee to a Cattery
Because I volunteer at a wonderful cat sanctuary (but I don't plan on writing about cats much on my blog)

Real Pirates say ARJ
Okay, it was getting late, and I have a thing for pirates (after Jack Sparrow, who doesn't?)

And my husband's suggestion: ARJ a'bloggin
My reaction was Huh? and thought others might feel the same

So I've settled on Angelic Muse , although most people who know me might vote for Sarcastic Muse.

Care to make other suggestions in the comments? Weigh in on Angelic Muse? Oh, and I also customized my template a bit.


RAD - Dot Painter said...

YA YA, I like Angelic Muse or the "Who Do You Think You Are?" Muse, might work too (spoken in a ghost-like, terrifying way). Thanks for coming to open studios yesterday. It was nice to meet your hubby!

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