Crow Dreams

So as you might guess from the title, my book Crow's Rest features crows. (And some not-crows, too, but you'd have to read the book to get that reference).

In early October, I happened to be in Target, lured by their ad with a motion-activated crow Halloween decoration. They were out of those, but they did have this cool stuff:

I love the lanterns (with LED flickering candles) and will probably use those year round. And the  tablecloths!

The plan was to buy more plates, napkins, and serving bowls on clearance after Halloween, but they were out of a lot of that stuff by the time I got there (15 minutes after they opened on Nov. 1). I did find some really cool wall decals that I hadn't seen before, and I nabbed some of the crow's feet servers and snack bowls.

In my opinion, those crow decals were just what this wall needed:

Too bad they didn't like sticking to the textured wall and started to peel off almost immediately. But I do have mirrored closet doors in my office and I think they'll stick nicely there.

Even though I will get use out of these items in my home, what I really have in mind for them is to use at a book launch or book signing for Crow's Rest. Especially those tablecloths--so different! And even though an event is in the unknown future, I love feeling like the possibility is real by stockpiling this kind of stuff.

What about you? Do you have any "must-have" items in mind for when you do an in-person event for your book(s)? 

Bonus photo: My mom collects owls, and I have long since given in to enabling her addiction. This is the stuff I found for her while shopping the clearance aisles:


OwlFetish said...

How coo that you enable my owl fetishl!! Love, MOM

Angelica R. Jackson said...

OMG, Mom! You creating a profile called "OwlFetish" to comment on my blog has got to be the funniest thing you've done in your life (on purpose)!

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