So as preparation for the LA SCBWI Conference, I'm trying to read a few of the books by the workshop presenters. I checked the libraries first (because if I'm going to buy them, I'd rather buy them there and have a chance of getting them signed) and the wait lists were pretty long.

Except for an e-copy of Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt, who is doing a workshop on Layering a Character. And honestly, by the description and out of all the titles and authors, this isn't the book I would have picked--but I would absolutely been shortchanging myself.

This is an incredible book, with so much going on both internally and externally for the character, and yet it never seems to be overdone or confusing. I'll definitely be including it in my Best Books roundup at the end of this month, but you can get started on it now if you want!

Here is a video Mr. Schmidt did while talking about his book, including a line that really resonated with me today:
"The more difficult thing is to figure out how the writing can fit into the cracks of all the business of your life."


Ruth Donnelly said...

Love the video, and what a great quote! Thanks for posting this.

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