Help the Lucky 13s Celebrate

The group of YA authors/bloggers known as The Lucky 13s were awfully helpful with items for the Pens for Paws Auction, so I want to help spread the word about an amazing celebration and giveaway on their blog!

To celebrate us being halfway through 2012--and therefore, halfway to 2013--twenty members of The Lucky 13s are each giving away books that influenced their reading and writing lives. That's right, the winners will receive twenty books, guaranteed to change your life*!

To enter, go to their post announcing the giveaway, and follow the instructions for the widget thingy. I started to type "and may the odds be in your favor" but it sounded too much like I ripped that off from Effie. So I'll say good luck instead!

*Okay, no one made any such guarantee or promise, I was just really excited when I wrote that sentence.


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