Faces of Fat Kitty City

I've mentioned it before, but I volunteer at a wonderful cage-free, no-kill, local cat sanctuary called Fat Kitty City where I take photos and mostly do this (while wearing a cat hair smock):

But last year, I started doing a calendar of my favorite digital paintings of the kitties as a fundraiser, and I had so much fun that I decided to do it this year also. Go on over to my other blog, Fat Kitty City Nitty Gritty, for a sneak peek at what this year's calendar holds.

Beauties like this for example:

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!


Angie said...

AW, they're so cute!! Makes me want another one. :)

Angelica R. Jackson said...

It took you a while to make a convincing argument for the first one, didn't it? Maybe you should start campaigning now for getting another one in a few years!

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