What I Did Over Vacation

Missed my blog post yesterday because we'd just gotten back into town and I was busy catching up on things (what's that you say--I could have set up a post ahead of time to go up automatically? Did you catch the "vacation" part?). So here is a photo essay catching you up on the places we went and things we saw:

We stayed in the hills above Pillar Point Harbor (near Half Moon Bay, CA)

Used the rental cottage as a base and went into San Francisco for day trips, including sights like the Maritime Museum at Fisherman's Wharf

and the Japanese Tea Garden

and the Conservatory of Flowers

along with a side trip to the Filoli estate (this is just the garden room, and I totally want one)

Went lots of other places, but I didn't want to turn this into a captive blog audience vacation slideshow. Hopefully this little taste is enough to inspire you in your writing somehow--I know it did for me!


Aurora Smith said...

looks fun!

Angie said...

Okay you have officially made me jealous. I so need a vacation....

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Thanks, Angie! We wanted to take a cruise this year but had to "make do" with a San Francisco/coastal trip.

And Aurora, I saw your comment and your user name ("lose 10 pounds . . .") made me hit the spam button prematurely (I know, it happens to everyone at some point, no reason to be ashamed) and now I can't get it back. Sorry, and thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics, Angelica.

I want a Garden Room too! (And a gardener to take care of everything in the Garden Room.)

Glad you had a good vacation!

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