The organizers of Help Write Now say it so much better than I could! From their site:

"Over the past two weeks, record-breaking storms have killed over 300 people and destroyed countless homes, neighborhoods, and towns. Tornadoes tore across the south, fires raged across Texas and Oklahoma, and flooding continues to affect communities all over the country. The writing community has rallied before to raise funds for many worthwhile causes, and we're hoping you'll show your support for the areas affected by one of the worst weeks in national weather history."

I wanted to donate an item, but had trouble thinking of an item of value. So I started combing my bookshelves, looking for something collectible that might generate some bids. I decided on:

This is an early edition of Charles de Lint's first novel, The Harp of the Grey Rose. It's a trade paperback, illustrated edition from Starblaze. Very good condition, with the only mark being an embossed "library of" on the first page (visible near my thumb on the interior shot). Charles de Lint is the acknowledged master of urban fantasy, so if you'd like to get your hands on this, watch the Help Write Now site and place your bid!

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