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My inaugural post for this blog was on May 4, 2010 so to celebrate my first Blogiversary, I'm holding a contest! With three different prizes!

I love it when I win books (if you're reading this, you're probably a writer and also love books) and I thought it would be fun to give copies of books I've read and enjoyed this past year.

So first up is Fat Vampire: A Never-Coming-of-Age Story by Adam Rex

I loved his book, The True Meaning of Smekday, and enjoyed this one too. If you like Christopher Moore, you'll like this teen vampire book too. This one's in hardcover or ebook, because the paperback doesn't come out until July 26.

Next is the first book in Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series, just to prove I don't read YA exclusively. My review of it for a Road Trip Wednesday is here. Okay, so this one could almost be considered a crossover book . . .

And in the middle grade category, I have The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling by Maryrose Wood. It's Jane Eyre meet The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, with a dash of Lemony Snicket.

So, what do you need to do to win one of these fine tomes?

1. Be a follower of this blog (old or new) or a Facebook friend

2. Leave a comment on this post, and please let me know which book you would like if you win, and whether you want a paperback or a Kindle edition.

3. Make sure to leave your email (if it's not included in your Blogger profile) so that I can get your mailing address if you win.

4. Tweets, blog posts, links, and facebook shares are encouraged, but personally I'm tired of the contests where you get points for each hoop you jump through, and then are expected to calculate your own points. So no requirement for sharing!

5. Contest open internationally for the Kindle editions, but not the paperbacks, sorry!

Contest opens today, April 27, and will close May 2 at 9 PM Pacific. Winners will be announced May 4.



Angie said...

Happy Blogversary!!! A year goes by so fast, doesn't it? I've enjoyed your posts mucho, keep it up!

IF I were to win, I'd prefer Soulless because I've heard great things about it and I haven't heard of the other two at all, though the Fat Vampire IS tempting. :)

Unknown said...

Yay! I love books...especially winning them! I've had my eye on FAT VAMPIRE for a while now, just haven't bought it yet, so if I win, it'd be that one...and in paperback form as I have a nook not a kindle ;)

Donna Volkenannt said...

Congratulations on your milestone.

I'm already a follower.

All three books sound good to me. I don't have an e-reader, so if I win it would have to be a hard copy.

The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place sounds like fun!

Donna V.
dvolkenannt (at)

Theresa Milstein said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I'll share this on FB.

I'd love to win the third one. With a combo like that, I'd probably love it.

tmilstein at gmail dot com

Marie Rearden said...

Fat Vampire looks like a great read, but I'll read just about anything. :) Kindle, please!

I bow down to the Queen of Contests (Wayne and Garth style)!

Marie at the Cheetah

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Thanks for all the entries and for the shares so far, everyone!

Christina Mercer said...

Happy Blogiversary!! And what a great contest idea. I'd happily read all three books, and Kindle format is my preference. If I had to pick one book, I'd go with Soulless cuz your review of it was oh-so-intriguing ;-))

Jennifer Hillier said...

Happy Blogoversary! I'd love to win a paperback of Fat Vampire just because the name is so cool! Great contest.

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

How cool is this! Thanks and congrats on your blogoversary.

I'd love ANY of these books, but I guess my first choice is the incorrigible children book! I'm an old follower and I'll post a link just for fun (I agree about all the contests wearing me out a little, too. Hoop jumping is no fun.)
insectwriter (at) gmail (dot) com

Brigitte said...

Gah, so there's no chance to win a paperback in Canada? ):

Caitlin Vincent said...

Happy Blogversary! I bet this year has flown by for you :)

I'm a new follower and I love books so I'm excited that you're having a contest for some. And thank you for not requiring hoop-jumping!!

I've never heard of Souless but it looks amazing (that, and I'm always up for something new). I'd like a paperback.

RAD - Dot Painter said...

I'm so proud of you! One year later, and almost a hundred followers -- so cool! I'll read the "Fat Vampire," book on Kindle (Happy Birthday to me!)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

i'm now following. what a fun giveaway. thank you so much. I'd love a paperback as I don't have an e-reader. :( But I love actual books best so it's okay!!

Anddd I'd love these all, especially the last two.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Welcome new followers: Brigitte, Caitlin Vincent, and Shooting Star Mag! So glad you could join us for the contest!

And if someone has an ereader besides a Kindle but wants an ebook, I should be able to get you something in ePub format from B&N.

And I updated the text on Fat Vampire to reflect a hardcover giveaway rather than paperback--the paperback isn't due out until July 26.

Brigitte said...

Woah, that's expensive shipping!
Ah, well. I don't have a kindle, either, so I can't enter your contest... but at least you gained a blog follower! ;)

I also have to mention that I'm totally in love with the adorable illustration on that cover for The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place book. Too cute. <3

Unknown said...

I have a Kindle and would love to enter - new follower. I also love the cover of the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place - the storyline looks interesting also.

Unknown said...

Happy blogaversary! I'd love to read Soulless in paperback as I do not own an e-reader. Thanks for the giveaway it's very kind of you.


Angelica R. Jackson said...

Welcome, Marybeth I.! The interior illustrations on The Incorrigible Children look so cool on the Kindle--so nice and crisp.

And thanks for the entry Moirae. The Moirae the merrier? Sorry, couldn't resist. Are the Moirae like the Morrigan?

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