Pitch Contest over at YAtopia

Writers of young adult fiction seem to love collaborating on blogs (YA Highway and Operation Awesome for example), and another gem called YAtopia started up at the end of 2010. In just a few months, YAtopia has gained over 350 followers!

Today, they are starting a pitch contest with Natalie Fischer. The 8 contributors to YAtopia will narrow the entries down to 20, and then Ms. Fischer will pick her winners from those finalists. She's currently closed to queries (I missed her by about a week when she closed, and I was so mad because an interview with her listed her "wants" as an almost-exact match to my book!) so this is a great opportunity to get to her inbox.

So head on over and enter the contest! It ends April 21 or at 150 entries.


KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

I've been thinking about this, but she seems more into fantasty/dark stuff than my real-world based mysteries. It's hard to know whether the agent is a good match sometimes.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

I look at it as it doesn't cost me anything but a little time to enter, so what the heck. And I've gotten form rejections from agents that seemed like a perfect match--and then later on friends will email me saying, "Have you tried so-and-so because they'd be perfect for your book" so it wasn't my imagination.

Also, one of my crit partners ended up signing with her agent because the agent was looking to expand what she repped--so you never know.

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