Sneak Peek at My Book Pitches

In case anyone is wondering why I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy making videos. Pitch University's Pitchfest starts up again March 20, with agent Adam Friedstein of Anderson Literary Management viewing and commenting on video pitches.

I've done a new pitch for my completed YA novel, Spirits from the Vasty Deep, as well as my work-in-progress, Crow's Rest. We can't submit our videos until Sunday the 20th, but I thought I'd put them up here for a sneak peek.

Is anybody else submitting a pitch this time around? And you may have noticed that Pitch University is now offering a query feedback option!


Diane_Holmes said...


You always scare me with your pitches because they're SO GOOD. ;)

Plus, I love your books. I would read these. Right now.

I'm crossing my fingers we get video pitches, audio pitches, and query letters. So, if you're reading this Angelica's Friends, this is your chance. Seize the day!

Theresa Milstein said...

Good luck with your pitches!

I saw a contest for a pitch, but my old manuscript was already rejected by the same agent and my new one isn't ready for submission.

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