Contest Roundup

Marie Rearden dubbed me "The Contest Watcher" on her blog post yesterday--how did she know I had a few more contest opportunities this morning??? And I'm not sure if my title is valid, since a few weeks ago I missed that I had won 2 separate book giveaways. The bloggers had to email me to notify me {hangs head}

But enough of my shame--get to the contests! These are both great opportunities with agent Natalie Fischer of the Bradford Literary Agency.

The contest celebrating the anniversary of Adventures in Children's Publishing is more time sensitive (she doesn't say when it closes, just that she's announcing the winner Saturday) and a random winner gets a first chapter critique by Natalie. There's a great interview with Natalie as well.

And Brenda Drake is running a Show Me the Voice contest, where you could win a critique of your first 20 pages, first 10 pages, or query by Natalie! To enter, you need to sign up through the linky on the contest page, and on March 20 and 21, you post the first 250 words of your completed book on your own blog.

And then the really fun part: you hop around to everyone else's blog and give them feedback, and they return the favor. Once you have your entry spit polished, you email it to Brenda by March 22. If that sounds confusing, read the rules on her page, she lays them out better. Top 20 entries will be posted Mar. 24, and the winners announced by Mar.28.


Unknown said...

you forgot one. Robin Crew at is holding a contest. winner gets critique of first 20 pages. plus, you should follow him anyway...for his snark appeal alone :)

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Alas, he has one of those sites with white writing on black background that I can't read. Or at least, can't read without some extra steps that my impatience/laziness prevents me from following.

But for others that don't have a problem with light-on-dark text, go check out Robin's too!

Marie Rearden said...

Your title stands! Thanks for the heads up.

:), Marie

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Thanks for the info! Are you signing up?

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Yes, I signed up for the Brenda Drake contest--it's going to be a busy writing week, since Pitch U's next Pitchfest starts too!

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