Query Hellions

Over at the Absolute Write forums, the place to post your queries for feedback is known as Query Hell. That about sums up most people's feelings about the process of crafting your query and then holding your breath while you wait to hear back on it.

But if Query Hell doesn't quite cover it for you, Amanda Hannah has posted a contest, where you can write a haiku, limerick, song lyric, or poem--whatever best captures the query process for you.

Be bitter, be creative, be mopey--but have fun, it's a great way to channel your frustrations!

Here's my entry:

You launch your query bird
Into the wide blue sky
Only to see it fail and fall
A few weeks later.

You can't bear to look at it right away
But eventually you doctor it
And send it off again
Weighted with your dreams.

The worst times are when
It's left endlessly soaring,
Waiting for an an answer to it's call
That never comes.

So you craft another pair of wings
Strong enough to carry you with them
Over the walls blocking your way
To land in nurturing hands.


Angelica R. Jackson said...

For anyone that's interested, I've posted my synopsis of my book on the Novels page. My query uses a slightly more compressed version of the synopsis.

RAD - Dot Painter said...


Christina Mercer said...

Very nice! And may your query bird find a nest with many a-golden egg :-)

Unknown said...

Queries are possibly the bane of my writing career. I've never actually queried, but I've written dozens and dozens of them. Hate 'em all.

But I LOVE your entry!

Also, I've been on a pseudo-hiatus from the internet (popping in when convenient, although not doing a whole lot of interaction) and you've posted a TON in the meantime! So I'm off to catch up on reading your blog! :)

Angelica R. Jackson said...

yeah, I think I did like 4 posts as query avoidance, and then once I got into the query I haven't posted much of anything on my blog. I'm about 4 cats behind on the Fat Kitty City Nitty Gritty blog also.

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