Booklover's Spring Facebook Scavenger Hunt

I've signed up to participate in Bookwrapt's Booklover's Spring Facebook Scavenger Hunt! That means you can play by matching up my name with a graphic I've shared on my Facebook page for Crow's Rest Books, and then doing the same for the other participating authors. Prizes include a massive selection of See's candies, or Amazon gift cards.

Plus, most of us are running giveaways during the hunt! With the link on my Facebook page, you can enter to win a copy of my award-winning audiobook of Crow's Rest--and we even have one copy that's open internationally!

AND, if that isn't enough, I've dropped the price of the ebooks on all platforms: Crow's Rest is .99 and Merlin's Stronghold is $1.99! Merlin's Stronghold is nominated for a RONE award through InD'Tale Magazine, and reader voting will open on April 15th. So anyone who hasn't read it yet should have time to buy it and read it before the voting opens, or don't forget you can request it from your local library.

Authors Participating in the Hunt

Alex Gordon • Amanda Uhl • Angela Roquet • Angelica R. Jackson • Angie Wilder • Anna
Durand • Anne McClane • Ben Westerham • Cailin Briste • Casi McLean

Christine Grabowski • CM Lally • Donna R. Mercer • Honey Phillips • J.M. Walker •
Jacqueline Diamond • Jacquie Biggar • Jim Stein • Joanne Dannon • Judith Sterling •
Katherine Gilbert • Kathryn Knight • Kerry Blaisdell • Kristine Smith • Lia Davis • Lisanne
Harrington • Michelle Jo Quinn • Shae Banks • Shereen Vedam • Soraya Naomi •

Stephanie Queen • Taylor Marsh • Viola Calvary • Zoe Dawson • Zoe Forward


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