The blog Epic YA compiled a list of The Best Books for Young Adults with Dragons (which made me laugh, because if you're a young adult with a dragon, how would you have time for books?) and Crow's Rest is on it (for the wyverns). The books aren't ranked, so you have to scroll down a bit to see my title, but there are some other fantastic reads listed on there so you could easily fill up your Kindle or e-reader with a bunch of them.

The list announcement was perfect timing, since Crow's Rest e-book is still on sale for $.99. Plus, I had to laugh when I got the message my book had been included, because I had already made Finn a dragon costume and was doing a photo shoot with him in it this morning.

Psst, and for those of you who have read this far, this picture of Chloe is a clue to a character we'll meet for book 3 in the series, Spellmeet.


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