Throwback Thursday Top Ten List 1

The re-release of Crow's Rest is coming from Crow & Pitcher Press on May 22, 2018! As a way to pay tribute to its previous life as my debut novel, I'm sharing teasers and material from those early blog tours for the next several weeks.

Then, as the release day approaches, I'll switch gears and drive us right into the new release with all new teasers. So remember to check back here on the blog on Thursdays!

Top Ten Bad Titles for Crow’s Rest 
There was a game going around Facebook for a while where you go to a random page and line in your book, and land on a short phrase—that phrase was then a Bad Title For Your Book. The funny thing is, some of them actually turn out really good. For this list, I randomly turned to a page and typed whatever phrase my finger stopped on.

1. Daniel’s Mom Is Expecting Me for Dinner (this one is actually pretty apt)

2. Threads of Weakened Laws (sounds kind of poetic, but more fitting for a literary lawyer novel)

3. Uncle Tam Made a Face (again, somewhat apt, but explaining why is spoilery)

4. Silence On The Other End (this one made me think of a fart joke)

5. Blecch, It Even Smells Like One (I would be afraid to use this as a title, in case someone cruelly turned it against the book in a review, lol)

6. His Smile Made Me Stumble (I actually like the romance feel of this one)

7. There’s Nothing In Here On That (out of context, this one makes me feel…nothing)

8. Where Did You Get That Spell? (I heard this one in a Valley Girl voice in my head, preceded by “Omigawd”)

9. Daniel’s Hands (could go either sexy or sinister)

10. Now Comes My Reward (again, sexy or sinister—or maybe that’s just the way my own mind works)


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