Cover for Crow's Rest Got a Star In a Contest!

I entered the cover design for Crow's Rest into a monthly contest put on by Joel Friedlander, and we got a Gold Star! That's basically like a runner-up or a special mention.

There were tons of great cover designs at UtopYA Con, too, and it really got that visual-artist side of me going--I'm already sorting through images that might make a good cover for the sequel to Crow's Rest, No Man's Land.

Of course, I should also put some effort into actually finishing NML, but sorting through visual inspiration is a great way for me to jump-start my writing creativity. If it wasn't for Pinterest's issues with copyright and attribution, I know I'd be a Pinterest addict if I joined!

If you'd like to congratulate the cover designer for Crow's Rest, stop by Kelley York's X-Potion Designs page and leave her a happy message!


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