Crow's Rest Book Trailer Reveal!

Today, the book trailer for Crow's Rest goes live!

Also today, on Operation Awesome, I give a closer look at the images that make up the trailer, so please go check it out! You can find pre-order and Goodreads info on Crow's Rest here.

For this blog post, I thought it would be interesting to share an earlier version of an attempt at making a video trailer. I had some great raw footage of the Castle and its interior, and even some models for the characters--but felt like I was missing a few other scenes. Without buying some stock video footage (which gets expensive!), I felt like this was too disjointed and abandoned it in favor of using still images and PowerPoint. You can see that the script changed a little, too (this one has no sound)

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Kelly Hashway said...

Ooh, very cool seeing the raw footage.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Thanks, Kelly! I will likely be recycling some of this footage into teasers--will be doing both video and still teasers.

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