Throwback Thursday

I've never done a TBT, but I came across some photos while I was moving my office and these just begged to be posted. I also put them on Facebook, and that pleated shirt is causing some envy. I think I'll put them in order of age:

This is about 2 seconds before I took my dress off. I hated dresses until I was in my teens, and my poor mum had been waiting so long for a little girl she could dress up. Well, she could--for about the length of a camera shutter.

Sadly, this pic had some damage on it, but I've mostly fixed it. And if you're wondering why some of the pics have rectangles cloned out, when my mom scanned these she put labels on the front. And in a stroke of passive aggressiveness, she put the name she gave me on it--not the name I've been using for 3/4 of my life, lol

 Every TBT needs an awkward pic, and what's hilarious about this one is that I look so much like my oldest brother in this that people have asked "When did he wear a shirt like that??"

 This is the kind of Olan Mills photo you get when you make a goth girl get a formal portrait. Though I did go light on the makeup for it. 


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