The Glorious Dusting Wand Tree Topper

So yesterday on Twitter, an alumni Operation Awesome operative, Wesley Chu, was mentioned in a contest:

My curiosity piqued, I went to check it out. Basically, Wes posted a picture of a book tree in his Christmas blog post for Angry Robot Books, his publisher. And then Justin Landon of Staffer's Book Review and Angry Robot decided to challenge readers to make a book tree of their own--with the enticement of prizes to get us off our asses.

Being in the midst of Dreaded Chore Avoidance, I tweeted back to them:

To which Justin replied:

Challenge accepted!

I think that Glorious Dusting Wand Tree Topper is quite fetching, personally. Plus, I avoided chores while I assembled this from beloved (or aesthetically colored) books, and I'll be able to avoid dusting for however long it stays up. Hmm, maybe I'll change out the trimmings seasonally, until it develops its own festive draping of cobwebs and dust--just in time for Halloween.

If you care to enter the contest, follow the link in the first tweet embedded above. Merry Bookimus!

Update: My husband insisted that we add a sign to the precarious book tree. We hope that says, "I dare you, pig (Liesel)!" as Google Translate claims, and not "I am attracted to female pigs" as we fear.


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