I had a blast experiencing the Pitch+250 Contest from the other side of the judging! They announced the winners yesterday and all the submissions I was rooting for from my batch of entries made it through this round, whoo hoo!

If yours didn't make it through, don't forget there is another Mystery Agent coming up September 1st on Operation Awesome. And if you need help with your pitches, you can't do better than WriteOnCon, which runs Augus 13-14 this year. But if you can't "tune in" during the conference, you can catch up in the archives at any time!

I got a request for my book last year from Pete Knapp during the live crit event and although it didn't end up in an offer (Crow's Rest ended up more urban fantasy than he was looking for; he prefers magical realism), his request came during a crucial moment in the life of that manuscript.

So I highly recommend you check out WriteOnCon and participate wherever and whenever you can!


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