OA Today & Carissa Taylor's Pitch Factory

I'm over on Operation Awesome today, with a post on where to get eyes on your query. This is a followup of my post a few weeks ago on query resources.

And speaking of Operation Awesome, we do a Mystery Agent Contest on the first of every month, and the most common pitch the agents want is one-sentence in length. This is the length I have the most trouble with (I'll take a full query any day, thank you) but help is on the way!

Carissa Taylor created a Pitch Factory--forms where you enter in your pertinent story details and it generates some pitches for you. I tried it with Crow's Rest, and while some of them were unintentionally funny, the others definitely got my wheels turning.

Could be a secret weapon for the next Mystery Agent happening April 1 (no joke).


Kris Atkins said...

Oooo, that pitch factory thing looks awesome. Thanks for the link!

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