So Where Have I Been?

First we spent a week here

in which we did this

and saw things like this
and still have nightmares of this
before I lost another week to a death rattle cough picked up on the cruise. See the entire travelogue here.

Did I miss anything exciting while I was on hiatus?


E.B. Black said...

LOL! Great post.

I've always wished to take my dogs on vacation. Haven't yet.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Those are sled dogs (not ours, we're currently dogless) but one of the best vacations we took was when we rented an RV and took our two dogs up the coast. It worked out great because they could hang out in the RV if we wanted to go to a museum or something. They did have a prejudice against elk, though, and would bark their heads off whenever they saw one. Both dogs have since passed away, so I'm so glad we have those memories.

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