Happy Blogiversary to Angelic Muse!

 My very first post was on May 4, 2010, and last year I celebrated the anniversary with a giveaway. That's great and all (especially for the 3 people who won), but this year I've decided to do something different: this year the cats at Fat Kitty City will be winners.

You see, because so often the cats that end up at the sanctuary aren't winners. They lose out when their owners lose their homes to foreclosure. They lose out when a new baby comes along, and their owners give them up--either out of fear and concern from old wives' tales, or because the parents feel like they no longer have time for the cat. Or when they lose their caretaker to death or disease, and the family members aren't prepared to take them on (an excellent reason to include your beloved pet in your estate planning).

For whatever reason they end up with us, I wanted them to feel like winners just once. So if you can, go over to the Pens for Paws Auction today and every day through Sunday (Mother's Day) and see if there's something you want to bid on. Items will start posting at 3 AM PST every day, and be open for bidding over 3 days.

Need a gift for a teen, child, or Mom who loves books? Or some unique jewelry or artwork? And if you know any writers, we have critiques from literary agents and published authors too (these are a great gift for writing moms). You can find them all at the auction. Thank you!

ETA: I had no idea they were running one at the same time, but Hunger Mountain also has a fundraising auction on ebay through Sunday. Go here to see the items they're offering.


Karla Nellenbach said...

happy blog-o-versary:)

oh, kitties...we have a mama kitty and her seven kittens hanging around outside our office...they stay because SOMEONE keeps feeding them...i wonder who that could be ;)

Tina Moss said...

Very cool idea. And Happy Blog-aversary!

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Thank you for the good wishes! I've been so impressed by how many members of the writing community have stepped up for the kitties, just for the asking.

Kate Coursey said...

I will definitely head over there. I'm such a cat person....I remember taking a trip to Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary in Southern Utah when I was little, and it was the most exciting day of my life. Animals just make me so happy.

Katharina Brendel said...

Happy Blogiversary! & I even come bearing gifts: I give you the Sunshine Award, which you especially deserve for being such a kind animal-lover :) The details for the award are at my blog here.

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