Take That, You Bastard

Andrew Karre occasionally opens up Carolrhoda for unsolicited submissions, and it seems that he's had his fill of Pollyanna narrators.

He says: "I’m going to ask that you all send me your bastards (of all genders, naturally). Send me your problematic narrators, your cousins of little 6655321, your children of Humbert. In short, heroes need not apply. I’m not looking to like your narrators, but I’m hoping to adore your prose.

I don’t want really care about cover letters, so you can cut and paste this into the body of the email to which you attach your complete ms:

Please find attached a book narrated by a loathsome brute. Take him or leave him, but don’t like him.

In addition, if you’re inclined, I would welcome a brief note about your favorite unsympathetic narrator and why he or she won you, in spite of it all."

So if you have one of those books that all the crit partners kept saying, "I don't really like your MC," then send it in by March 25. I'm thinking along the lines of some of Saki's works, or possibly some of the stuff that shows up in Crow Toes Quarterly.


Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

What an interesting request for submissions! And here I've been working so hard to make my characters sympathetic, decent, likeable, etc. I'll be really curious to hear more about what results from these submissions. Your post title made me laugh!

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