Some Changes in Store!

I've done some shuffling of domain names and websites, so here's the lowdown:

My domain name now points to a shiny new author website! It has a place for news and events, links to my social contacts, and links to my books (once I have something available to pre-order or order, that is).

My photography galleries that formerly lived at the above domain are now at, oddly enough. They will still serve as a place to buy prints, digital downloads, and gift items featuring my photographs.

This blog will remain at this address, and will also feed into my website and Goodreads Author Page. I will still be blogging at Operation Awesome every other Monday, and starting August 15 my OA posts will show up on Angelic Muse a few days later. Original content on here will be sharing whatever strikes my fancy: photos from trips, interesting tidbits I've unearthed in research, and the like.

More of the day-to-day stuff shows up on my Facebook profile if that sort of thing interests you, and so do the links to conferences, grant opportunities, etc that I run across and share.

All this shakeup is the result of me needing to change gears now that I have a book coming out, and don't have as much time to browse other people's blogs as I used to. I actually still do a lot of reading of blogs in my feed, I just don't have as much time to comment.

That seems to be the case for a lot of friends (writer or otherwise) and I considered abandoning this blog entirely, but there are some gems in the archive and I poured a lot of myself into these pages.
I've opted to keep it up, with the compromise that I'm going to feel less guilty about posting on a regular basis. Who knows--that might actually make me more likely to jump in with spontaneous posts!

Word Crimes

This video from Weird Al Yankovic deserves its own post, so here you go:

Pens for Paws Auction!

The Pens for Paws Auction, benefiting a no-kill, cage-free sanctuary called Fat Kitty City, starts July 14th! If you're a writer looking to bid on a critique with agents, authors, or an editor, you should check it out. We also have signed books and ARCs up for bid, and lots of other cool stuff! Entangled Publishing and Spencer Hill Press even have packages of goodies you won't want to miss. This year, we've even added door prizes--everyone who bids each day will be entered into a drawing for a door prize book (not one of the items up for bid--this is a separate offering) that day.

The auction items will post July 14-19, and instructions on how to bid is in the comments area of each item, or go to How It Works for more help. Hope to see you all there!

California Conferences

With a debut novel coming out next year, I've been thinking about how to allocate my travel budget for conferences and literature festivals. For now, events on the West Coast have priority since it's more likely that I can find roommates and carpool buddies for these.

But I was surprised how many events there are that I've never even heard of--it seems like with Twitter and Facebook, so many things show up on our radar these days. But maybe that's the problem--it's harder to pick the relevant things out of the noise.

Most of these are for 2015, but there are still some upcoming in 2014. I've included those as a guideline for when they can expect to schedule the event for next year:

Sacramento Region:
California Capital Book Festival, Sacramento (Oct 25-26, 2014)
Wizard World Comic Con, Sacramento, Jun 19-21, 2015
SCBWI California North Central: Spring Spirit Conference: Citrus Heights, CA, May 2, 2015

SF Bay Area:
SCBWI California: San Francisco North and East Bay: Fall Conference,
(Oct 17-18, 2014)
SCBWI California: San Francisco South: Golden Gate Conference, last
weekend in Feb 2015
Litquake, San Francisco, (Oct 10-18, 2014)
ALA annual conference in San Francisco, CA June 25-30, 2015
San francisco writers conference, Feb 12-15, 2015

Northern CA:
Mendocino Coast Writer's Conference, Fort Bragg, CA (July 31-Aug 2, 2014)

Southern CA:
Big Orange Bookfest in Orange, CA (Oct 11-13, 2013?)
LA Times Festival of Books, April 18-19, 2015
Orange County Children's Book festival, Sept?
SCBWI California: Central Coast: Writer's Day, Thousand Oaks, CA (Oct.
25, 2014)
SCBWI California: Los Angeles County: Writer's Day, San Gabriel, CA
(March 22-23, 2014)
SCBWI California: San Diego: Conference and Intensive, (March 1-2, 2014)

Other West Coast states:
SCBWI Western Washington: Writing and Illustrating for Children
Conference: Redmond, WA (April 12-13, 2014)
SCBWI Oregon: Spring Conference: Wilsonville, OR, May 30-31, 2015

Did I miss any? Are you planning on going to any of these? Please share in the comments!

Second Book Syndrome

So I've started writing the sequel to Crow's Rest, tentatively entitled No Man's Land. Hooray for getting to spend more time in Avery's cluttered headspace!

But, like every book I've written, before I even started with the writing I was assaulted by doubts (which can all be boiled down to the fear "What if I've lost my mojo? Or what if I never had mojo and was able to delude myself up to this point???") and anxiety.

I've been able to quiet most of those with Plotting: I start with a 2-page synopsis, and then expand it into a more detailed outline (about 10 pages) from there. Then, if I've done the plotting correctly, writing the actual first draft feels like filling in the blanks.

That's overly simplified, of course, but it worked like a charm for Crow's Rest! The only new part in the equation is that No Man's Land will need to have its own arc, as well as fitting into the series arc.

It's kind of a pet peeve of mine if the middle book in a trilogy (though my books aren't a trilogy) feels more like a "to be continued" episode than a book that can stand on its own merits, so I'd really like to avoid that!

The best recent example I can think of for a 2nd book that stood on its own is The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson--loved how the main character continued to develop and grow, and the story did too. Any recommendations for other titles that fit the bill?

Crow's Rest is on Goodreads!

We don't have a cover yet, but Crow's Rest has a place on Goodreads! It was so thrilling to wake up to some activity on it: adds to Want to Read shelves, and even a few 5-star ratings! Whoohoo!

Yep, that's what it looks like for now, only with "Crow's Rest by Angelica R. Jackson " on it. But if you'd like to add it, you can find it at

Ireland Day 4

We started out going to Muckross House, which you are unfortunately not allowed to take pictures inside. But it does have an interesting connection to Empire Mine in Nevada City, California--the same family that owned the mine bought Muckross and its acreage for their daughter. They also were the family that owned Filoli, so they certainly have great taste in architecture and gardens! Here is a taste of Muckross:

That last picture cracks me up--do you see how the lion-dog-griffin creatures are sticking out their tongues?
Parts of the Muckross acreage are now Killarney National Park, and there are some gorgeous views there too

We rushed back to Kenmare to get there in time for the Seafari boat to see seals and sea eagles. No sea eagles on the day we went--plus it was so cold I couldn't feel my feet by the time we got back in port. And yes, I was wearing a balaclava, my snowboarding parka, jeans with tights underneath, and waterproof boots. Still damn cold! But we got lots of pics like these:

That last photo is obviously not a seal--it's the ruins of an ancient church as seen from the bay. We got to go there a few days later, so stay tuned for some pictures from the church ruins and burial ground.