Playlist for Crow's Rest

I've never actually posted a playlist for any of my writing, and I'm not sure why. I definitely incorporate music into my books, as well as listening to it while I write.

So I thought I'd break radio silence and share some of the music I've been listening to while drafting Crow's Rest, my contemporary fantasy WIP. Can't say too much about why they're significant without spoilers so you'll just have to go with it! And it says a lot about how my mind works that I couldn't find a way to organize these to make them smoothly transition--my brain is more like a record skipping.

First up is KT Tunstall's Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

and Blue Moon by Sofia Talvik and the Tall Boys

And an old favorite; can't you just picture yourself driving through Faerie in an oversized car and hearing Waltz in Black by The Stranglers?

And after that, if you need something to calm yourself down, try Blackbird by The Beatles

And finally, the song that captures Crow's Rest the best, and the one I hope to use in my book trailer: Firethief by Karine Polwart



Laurie Dennison said...

Great songs! I love Blue Moon, and all of these together give a really nice feel for Crow's Rest.

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