Sweet Successes

Cake Wrecks does a Sunday Sweets feature (on Sundays, appropriately) and going to that page is part of my Sunday routine (after feeding the cats, of course, because otherwise no one would get any peace to enjoy pictures of luscious cakes).

A while ago they had a roundup of children's book themed cakes, my favorite of which is this one:

Howl's Moving Castle for the win!

But I'd also settle for this one:

Head on over to the Cake Wrecks blog to see the rest, and their archives have some truly great bakery snafus to entertain you. Now I just need to find a gluten-free, vegan bakery to make me one of these for my birthday at the end of May--I'm tired of making my own cakes all the time!


Christina Mercer said...

Wow!! All that castle on those skinny little legs :-) Yummmm...

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