Sink Your Teeth into These

Playing catch up on some things, so today's post is a whimsical collection of book-themed cakes:

Found through Powell's Books Tumblr

Never Ending Story Book Cake with Falcor Topper Credited to Say it with Cake

Spiderwick Chronicles cake by Lisa's Cakes (go to the link for more detail shots on this one)


beck nicholas said...

Books + cake? I am so there.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Hi Beck--two of our loves together, what could be better right? Most of these spectacular cakes aren't gluten-free though, so I'm doomed to drool over them from afar.

Kris Atkins said...

Those cakes are amazing! I love The Neverending Story one--but I may be biased because that's the first novel I ever read.

Christina Mercer said...

So cool! I want one for my birthday!!

Colin Smith said...

I know what I want for my birthday next year. Thanks for the inspiration, Angelica!

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