Character Inspiration in My WIP Crow's Rest

A few of YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesdays have asked what kinds of things inspire your writing. I've done a few of those for setting, but not for characters yet. So here's a picture of one of the characters from Crow's Rest:

This is how I picture the character of Bobbin, a Corgi mix. Bobbin has some pretty crucial parts in the book, so it was worth nailing down the details of his appearance and personality. This is actually a dog that was up for adoption earlier this year at The Grace Foundation, one of our local rescue groups. His real name was Sinatra, and this photo captured his look of intelligence, determination, and bounciness so well. Doesn't he look like a dog that could be described as "all wiggles and yelps" like Bobbin?

I'm not going to put any pictures up of how I picture the human characters from Crow's Rest; I really like to give clues but let the reader picture them for themselves. But this dog picture was too cute to keep to myself! What about you--do you "cast" minor characters as well as the main ones in your books?


Kris Atkins said...

I don't do it deliberately--I don't search for people who look like my characters--but sometimes I'll see someone who looks like one of my chars and I'll think to my self, "That is So-n-so right there." And there have been times when I've seen someone who's appearance was so evocative to me that they inspired a character, but that doesn't happen very often

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Hi Kris, thanks for chiming in. I do have to admit that I've seen actresses or actors that fit how I see the characters, but I figure by the time/if my book is ever made into a film, they'd be the age to play the parents rather than the MC!

Tina Moss said...

How did I miss the Corgi post??? Must have been a crazy Monday. For my newest WIP, I've gotten into the habit of finding inspiration photos for all my characters. It really helps to make them more realistic in the story. Go corgis!

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